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Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is a fiber reinforced cementitious composite which has garnered widespread interest since its inception in the 1990s. Various barriers to market have been slowly overcome. It is now commonly applied as a connection material for precast elements in many bridge deck replacements as well as in new construction applications. At Precast Systems Engineering, we are imagining new uses for UHPC as a component in the bridge and marine construction applications as formwork and integral precast systems capable of meeting the challenges ahead in challenging environments.

JP Binard authored an article on this material which was published in the March 2017 Issue of the PCI Journal. The article subsequently received the Charles Zollman Award for bringing more exposure to UHPC. His interest in the material is long standing and to date he has worked with four UHPC mixes on a large scale. He remains excited by how the technology has broadened over the past couple decades and continues to champion collaboration among all parties on ways to implement this material with an impending codification in the coming years.

Latest News

UHPC Precast Piling Progress

ONLY TOOK 5 YEARS! Since being introduced to Dr. Sriram Aaleti’s and Dr. Sri Sritharan’s UHPC H-Pile work during a presentation by Sriram when I was the piling committee chair, there have been countless hours.Hours of brainstorming with Chad Saunders at Precast...

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UHPC – Constructability meets Durability

All too often in construction when we gather around a set of plans, we immediately come up with some really good ideas to improve constructability. This can be detailing alterations which may make things easier on the laborer in the field, providing a safer...

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Pier 26 in the Hudson River

This was a unique project where we re-designed the connection to the pile to improve constructability and designed lifting embedments for the precast elements while verifying stresses and avoiding many, many embeds.  Most went according to plan with the help and...

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H Piling Test with Cor-Tuf UHPC

PSE partnered this summer with Cor-Tuf in Leesburg, FL for this Cor-Tuf UHPC three-day testing event, pouring two 30' beams, one 63' beam, and two 30' H pilings. This video produced by Cor-Tuf illustrates the process and findings....

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Why are precasters not adopting UHPC as a material?

Cost is a primary impediment but also confidence in execution.  Perceived risk by both contractors and precast fabricators circle around being unable to perform reliably in the field or at the plant and ultimately lose too much money with such an expensive...

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