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Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is changing the look of New York.

Constructed on 28- acres over a working rail yard, two “platforms” bridge over 30 active train tracks, three rail tunnels and the new Gateway Tunnel.

300 caissons support the platforms and buildings. The caissons (four to five feet in diameter and 20 to 80 feet in depth) are drilled deep into the bedrock between existing tracks. Finished towers extend from the caisson foundations, through the platforms, and then rise skyward.
This eastern portion of the platform will use 25,000 tons of steel, 14,000 cubic yards of concrete and weigh more than 35,000 tons.

Caisson drilling started in March 2014 and the platform was completed in 2015. Throughout construction the trains have remained operational, and the new No. 7 Subway extension opened at Hudson Yards in 2015.

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April 1, 2017

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