Marine Applications

Precast | Prestressed Component Design

Pier C
Brooklyn Naval Yard
East River, New York

Demo of a dilapidated pier on wood piling replaced by precast caps on steel pipe piles, prestressed deck planks, and unique precast, prestressed utility trenches shipped with fendering and lighting conduit.



Berth 6
Wilmington, Delaware

Rehabilitation of Wilmington Marine Terminal, Wilmington, Delaware

Bridge Applications

LaGuardia Airport
Queens, New York

Complex project for arrival and departure bridges. Girders had dapped ends and were re-designed with straight strands along with a contrivance to allow a laterally stable lifting mechanism at 45° to the central crane hook for head height clearance restrictions. Unique loading in service as well made collaboration key at every step with the Engineer, Contractor, and the Precast Fabricator.

Christina River Bridge
Wilmington, Delaware

Precast, prestressed spliced girders with shallow section, shallow haunch.

Commercial Projects

Hudson Yards
34th Street, New York

Unique project with precast, prestressed concrete solutions in a variety of forms to solve the challenging construction sequence and loading.  Project still under development.

Cheeca Lodge
Islamorada, Florida

Project commenced as a result of a fire on New Year’s Eve.  Concept developed by late January, design complete by March, drawing and approvals concurrent with demo in May, casting started in June, and completion by December 15th the same year.  Incredible project and a great team! Cheeca Lodge Hotel and Spa

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